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Hi, I AM Dean S. Brown!

Transformational High-Performance Law of Attraction & Holistic Mindset Coach

If you ARE happy with your “9 to 5”, that is YOUR business; 

If you are NOT happy with your “9 to 5”, that is MY business;

I Help Professional men & Dads by providing a High-Performance, Holistic, Law of Attraction Coaching Program that creates a unique to them, 6 & 7 figure Multi-Stream business income.

I help You understand WHY you do WHAT you do, and HOW to change you and your business for the BETTER! 

Book your FREE 1-on-1 Discovery call, and find out if we are a fit for you to begin to reset your Personal & Professional life with my High-Performance Personal Reality Coaching!

You will only need three things to begin to Ask, Believe, Receive and Achieve;
#1. You must be Willing to face who you are NOW!
#2. You must be Coachable to reach your next level!
#3. You must be Hungry for the changes required to get you there!

Personal Reality Life Coaching

Teaching you to see and understand WHY you do WHAT you do,  and HOW to change those limiting beliefs for the better, forever!!
I will coach you to success with only two things;
1. What has been historically & scientifically proven.
2. What has and continues to work for me!       

Mindset for Professionals Coaching

There is a state of mind that does not recognize the words “Quit”, “Fail”, “Give up”, “Maybe later”, “I don’t Have Time”, etc.,!
If this is you, and you are ready to truly Learn and Grow into your future, “Book Now”!
…Procrastinators get to Start Tomorrow!

Most people look for quick fixes. They see a big success and want to know how it was done, believing (and hoping) they can do the same thing by following a quick bullet list. But, the reality is that real change takes time, and comes not from the outside in, but from the inside out. It took you years of getting it wrong, so you can’t, and won’t change that over night, BUT, you can change it! One habit at a time, one day at a time, with a growing understanding as you go! That is how my coaching works! If you could do it yourself, you would have done it already!!

The most fundamental way of changing yourself is through habit paradigm shifts. Those paradigm shifts are a new way of looking at how you think and live in this world. The “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” presents a framework to effectiveness based on your character, integrity and principles. These simple techniques have created amazing results with every properly dedicated application. There is no doubt about them as I have embraced, practiced and will forever live these concepts myself!

They have been proven effective over and over, by thousands of people, for several decades!

The first three habits indeed deal with yourself, because it all starts with you. They move you from dependence on the world to the independence of making your own world through shifting your paradigms and, therefore, your behavior. Habits 4, 5, and 6 are about people and your relationships with them. You will then move from independence to interdependence.

Essentially cooperating through understanding to achieve more than you could by yourself. Simple and real! The last habit, habit  #7, focuses on continuous growth and improvement in all of the first 6 areas. All the while you will be developing an understanding of the “Law of Attraction”, and how to work with this Natural Law as a Spiritual partner to you and your progress. Your awareness and proper application of this Universal Natural Law is the necessary foundation for creating, manifesting, and achieving your vision of the life you desire! I haven’t even mentioned the modern clinical research part yet!

I have researched and combined Natural Law, Ancient Mystical Wisdom, Historically Proven Techniques, and Modern Day Clinically Proven Research into the single most effective method for creating your uniquely desired Personal Reality available today! This is all about YOU!

Law of Attraction Mindset Coaching

It’s ALL about WHAT you think, HOW you feel about what you think, What you SAY about how you feel, and what you DO in vibrational alignment with all of those things!  We must ASK, BELIEVE, and RECEIVE to ACHIEVE!  

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To manifest your best future, you must ASK from a place of DESIRE, not WANT!

Getting our awareness down to the brass tacks of that which we truly desire and then, with the awareness of EXACTLY the precise details of that desire, rather than some vague generality, place your order with the Universe, and trust that you have been heard!

Just like deciding the precise details of your desire when ordering an item from Amazon, and then trusting that it will be delivered soon!  Keep in mind that “WANT” comes from a state of expecting something not being available, while DESIRE comes from a state of expecting that thing to be available! This fundamental difference is a crucial element within the Law of Attraction!

The next step is to BELIEVE that what you have requested will SOON be yours!

The moment you have asked , believe and KNOW that your desire is being aligned to your path and is on it’s way to you! What you desire already exists in the unseen, and the universe has started to conspire to bring it to the seen. Have complete faith. The universe is a mirror reflecting your dominant thoughts, so believing you already have what you’ve asked for reflects back as you having received it. 

  • For example, if you desire a new Porsche, make believe that you are driving the Porsche down a winding road. Daydream about seeing yourself driving the car. Do this until the daydream begins to feel like your reality. 
  • If you can see yourself with what you have asked for, you will start believing you have received it.
The third step, is to be willing to RECEIVE that which has been requested!

Even before you have received, the act of feeling as though you have happily received communicates powerfully with the universe. Feel all the sensations that come with receiving what you’ve asked for. Imagine the smell, feel, sight, and sound of what you will receive! When what you desire is provided, you will feel happy. Why would you ask for something that doesn’t make you happy? You wouldn’t. Ask once, believe you have already received it, it just hasn’t arrived yet, and be happy about receiving it. As soon as you make an order from Amazon, you would be excited about it being delivered. Go with that feeling! 

When you are happy about receiving what you desire, you are sending out the frequency of receiving. The frequency of receiving is the frequency by which all good things are brought to you. Broadcast on this frequency, and attract to you what you’ve asked for. 

This fourth part is like the "Afterparty"! The actual ACHIEVEMENT of your desires!

This is where the celebration comes in! You have manifested your deepest desire through the Law of Attraction!  You can Achieve anything!

You have felt the desire, been intentionally aware of the details of that desire, chosen to Ask faithfully to have that desire delivered to you, been strong to Believe in having that desire delivered soon, and totally been in a willing state to Receive the provision of that desire! 

We are always jubilant when we are in the throes of having been able to Achieve our desires! By all means CELEBRATE! This life is meant to be a celebration! NOW is the time to reach for the sky! That was fun! Let’s do it again! What is next on your list of desires!

Goal Setting

We all learn differently, but learn we must! This is fundamental to Goal Setting AND achieving!!

Relationship Coaching

You have a relationship with every friend, spouse, brother, sister, parent, neighbor, store clerk, bank teller that you know.

Stress Elimination

Our daily environment does not need, or want to be a source of stress, you choose for it to be that way!!

Career Advice

Every job has its challenges, and expectations, BOTH WAYS! Being pro-active in your work ethic will always put you on the correct path to prosperity!!

What Is Personal Reality Coaching and Who is This Coaching For?


There are Natural Laws in this Universe that govern our lives whether we are aware of them or not! This Coaching introduces you to, then helps you comprehend, understand, and work with these scientifically proven subjects;  Quantum Theory, Meditation, Yoga, Mindset, Spiritual and Self Awareness, Goal Setting, The Law of Attraction, Personal High-Performance, and how these all have an inter-related compound effect on your Personal Reality.

My culture is; Ask, Believe, Receive, to Achieve

My Tribe is; Spiritually Driven Professional Men & Dads

The problem I solve is; To NOT let what your parents and society forcefully taught you, that you know is not right for you, drive you to the brink of self-destruction!

I will deliver you and your life from what you thought was right and yet know is wrong!

This Coaching is NOT for someone who is a wimp, after a quick fix! This about you reclaiming you, nothing less!

It took you years to make the mess you are in!

Your healing is going to take TIME & hard WORK!

My Coaching is specifically designed from years of proven techniques & clinical research, for the individual that understands they need help getting to the next level. You have come to that place in yourself where you are fed up with the same old same old & you know it is killing you.

The next step is unclear, yet has to happen, and has to happen once, Correctly…!

If you choose to not change this pattern, you and your life are bound to repeat and relive the same crap that brought you here in the first place..!

You have already wasted enough time spinning your wheels, and you can now admit this truth to yourself!
This is where I come in, and WHY I am here for you, NOW!


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Do you live PRO-ACTIVELY?
Do you react to the external stimulus of the world without pause for thought?  This invites the world to essentially control you! This is a static behavior that prevents creativity and fosters a stagnant existence. The world happens FOR us, not TO us! We are supposed to see the obstacles of life as lessons, face the inherent fears of failure, exercise our power of choice, and grow into our next greatest self.  We MUST CHOOSE to pause, comprehend, and CREATE the best results with awareness and patience. Embrace every challenge as a precious lesson provided just for you as another stepping stone to your greatest potential! It IS that simple!
Do you BEGIN with a clear vision of the END result?

Start Creating Your Reality!

Beginning with the end in mind means being clear about who you desire to be and where you desire to go! And then, travel that path with zeal and clarity. This habit is based on imagination and the fact that two different forms of creation exist: mental creation and physical creation.

The mental creation comes first when you have a thought that leads to an idea! The physical creation begins when you take action to manifest that idea into reality. If you are not totally clear about the mental creation, and where you want to be, you are at the mercy of randomness and circumstances. You will have zero input on the output! You are already doing it, you just don’t know how you are doing it, or how to choose the end result!

Do You put FIRST things FIRST?

Time Management is Life Management: Put Your Life Priorities First. Habit three is all about prioritization. If you LIVE the steps of habits 1 and 2, then you have your values and life goal very clear. This means you know what your priorities are…  AND are not…  All of your prioritization is done through the filter of your life goals. Now that you know what you need and desire, and have a burning motivation to do and be that, your YES’s and NO’s will become perfectly clear. That’s the bedrock of prioritization. Now that we know the WHAT, we need to manage the WHEN.

Introducing The Time Quadrant. To be truly productive, we must spend most of our time on non-urgent and important tasks and activities. This way, we will rarely have to deal with urgent and important tasks, which heighten our stress, delivers sub-par results, and leads to negative self-talk!

Choosing how, when, and for how long to ALLOW yourself to engage in the “NOT important” tasks and activities is also key to maintaining a powerful level of High-Performance productivity, minimal stress, and optimal results!

It’s not difficult, it’s discipline!  

the time quadrant of the 7 habits of highly effective people

Do you Think "WIN - WIN - WIN" when dealing with others?

Win – Win – Win is a character based approach to human interactions. We achieve this level after we acquire three essential character traits: 

1. Integrity (sticking with who you are: feelings, values & actions)

2. Maturity (expressing your ideas and feelings with a balance of courage, humility, responsibility and consideration)

3. Abundance mentality (life contains no zero sum, there’s complete abundance & plenty for all)

The importance of integrity rests in the sense of aligning your true self with your public actions. Most people think in terms of either/or; Either you’re nice (and a push over)/or you’re tough (and a bully). This is called Victim or Viking mentality. Maturity, on the other hand, is that happy balance in between, that requires you to be empathetic and confident, considerate and brave, all at the same time. Therein lies the key!          A Social Bank Account talks about human relationships in terms of emotional and human balance. When you approach life with a win-win-win mindset, you always treat people well and you make deposits in your emotional, Social Bank Account.

If one day something goes wrong and you need a withdrawal, you can count on years of systematic balance surpluses, and people will be more than happy to help you. All of the other Human Interaction Scenarios are sub-par and only have merit in specific circumstances that are better suited for those approaches. 

A. You Win / They Lose (egotistical and authoritarian with no sense of humility or ultimate responsibility)

B. You Lose / They Win (too nice and a pushover, with weak levels of awareness and character)

C. You Lose / They Lose (when two Win/Lose people butt heads with zero humility or integrity).

D. You Win only. (when you are in a competition or sport)

ALL of these scenarios are 100% subject to AWARENESS and CHOICE!

Do you understand BEFORE you try to be understood?

Communication is the most important skill in our societal AND internal life, and most of us are poorly trained in basic listening, let alone empathetic listening. Indeed, in today’s society, very few people even listen at all.

This should be a pivotal moment, because the foundation of influencing people, comes from first understanding them AND yourself. Understanding people requires the choice of skilled listening, which leads to that understanding. Then, and only then, to the necessary next level of clear communication! There are four levels of listening to ourselves AND others;

1. Ignoring,

2. Pretending to listen, 

3. Attentive listening,

4. Empathetic listening.

Even most good listeners stop at the third level of attentive listening without even realizing it. This applies to listening to ourselves AND others. The TRUTH is the key!
Attentive listening follows this pattern;

Evaluate: Assess from your own frame of reference, and then agree or disagree.

Probe: ask questions, from your own frame of reference.  

Advise: give advice based on your own frame of reference.

Interpret: interpret their actions and feelings, based on your own frame of reference.

EVERY time we use our own frame of reference, we project our own paradigms into the situation. this ignores the frame of reference from the other person/people, our spiritual awareness, skews the results, and often turns a win into a lose!

Empathetic listening, on the other hand, removes your own frame of reference as much as possible. It looks at body language, tone of voice, emotional responses, spiritual signals and nonverbal gestures in a pure effort to understand the foundational TRUTH, and their/your frame of reference!

I know, THIS IS DEEP! Let’s just focus on the non-spiritual aspect for now! I will teach you the “spiritual” aspect in your coaching program!

Ultimately, empathetic listening means putting yourself in their shoes, feeling what they’re feeling, listening for their TRUTH!

This is key because before people can move to solutions, they need to feel that you understand them. To be understood clearly, do not start with just logic but explain where you’re coming from emotionally, and THEN, start to communicate!

Do You know what SYNERGY is, or how to achieve it?
A Team is Stronger Than an Individual

The idea of synergy is that the whole of a well functioning team or group is greater than the mere sum of its parts. The key to effective synergy is to really value the differences among us, and use each of our strengths to improve all the crucial aspects, and, ultimately, the end result of any given situation.

So ask yourself:

Do you want to be right, or do you want everyone to agree?
Learn to embrace differences as a strength instead.

Synergy also entails “flow” and perfect group automation as if the group was functioning as one. That’s when you achieve top results.

This does not delve into the spiritual aspect of “SYNERGY” at this time! That part is inside my coaching program!

Do You Sharpen Your Saw?

This is all about enhancing yourself through the four dimensions of renewal:

  1. Physical: Exercise, nutrition, and stress management. This means caring for your physical body, eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.
  2. Social/emotional: Service, empathy, synergy, and intrinsic security. This provides you with a feeling of security and meaning.
  3. Spiritual: Value clarification and commitment, study, and meditation. In focusing on this area of your life, you get closer to your center and your inner value system.
  4. Mental: Reading, visualizing, planning, and writing. To continually educate yourself means expanding your mind. This is essential for effectiveness.

To “sharpen the saw” means to express and exercise all four of these motivations regularly, congruently and consistently. This is the most important investment you can make in your life, as you are the instrument of your performance. It’s essential to tend to each area with balance, as to overindulge in one area means to neglect another. 

However, a positive effect of sharpening your saw in one dimension is that it has a knock-on positive effect in another, due to them being interrelated. For instance, by focusing on your physical health, you inadvertently improve your mental health, too. This, in turn, creates an upward spiral of growth and change that helps you to become increasingly self-aware. Moving up the spiral means you must learn, commit, and do increasingly more as you move upwards and progressively become a more efficient individual.

About Me

I have been to HELL, won the battles, learned the lessons, come through to the Happiness I desire, and lived to teach you how to do the same thing!

There was a point in my life when I had the idea that everyone would be better off without me… I had been driven to the brink by trying to live the way my father taught me;

Work hard, be tough, don’t show emotion, be a hard-ass with everyone, never back down, do not ask – just do as you are told, never forgive, never complain, Hate is the most powerful emotion, Love is weakness, do what you’re told not what I do!

None of this was about me being allowed to be me! It was about me being who others thought I should be! There was zero peace in my heart as I tried to embrace things that were not me! I was living a lie!

I had always managed to rise to the top in everything I did, always through brute force, never in a state of happiness… 

So, I attempted to kill myself! …more than once!


I would have been my usual brutally successful self too, if the Universe had not stepped in to save me!


But, the Universe knew I have a powerful spirit, that I have the courage and strength to change, grow, and share that powerful experience with the world of other professional men and dads!

So, the Universe sent someone that I do not know to this day, to save me from myself!

I even resisted, and refused that help, so that person called 911.

Round 1 – I thought I had failed, so… The next time, I had a better plan…

I would go where I couldn’t be found. I just had to say goodbye to my 5 kids first…

Again, the Universe intervened, and one of my kids wasn’t available to be there, so AGAIN, I was saved from myself… 

Round 2 – …and I thought I had failed AGAIN!

Everything happens for a reason, my friend! We learn the lesson or it returns for us to try again!

Our next lessons are placed squarely in front of us by an all-knowing, all-seeing, all providing Universe!

That moment was the start of a new journey for me, on a new path, to a new future! That past is GONE!

I  realized that my life has a massive purpose that I was not seeing clearly at the time! 

Now that I have seen the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of who I am, and what my purpose is, I am here to fulfill that purpose.

I am powerfully alive, Divinely Inspired, Here, forever in the NOW, and committed to helping you see YOUR own TRUTH!

To help you heal, change your current HELL into your personal path to Happiness, and sharpen your saw along the way!

The world is an extension of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. You have already practiced the way to create your Personal Reality. You have already manifested YOUR future! Your life is currently what you created it to be, you were just not aware of the formula you were using by default rather than intent.

NOW, you should be able to see this fundamental TRUTH of LIFE itself!

You have already been the creator of your current Personal Reality, and you are totally able to be the architect of your own future & Happiness if you so choose. You just didn’t know HOW! or WHY! Or for WHAT! Or even WHEN!!

These skills are learnable, I know, because I have been taught, I have learned, I have struggled, I have practiced, and I have chosen to become who I am meant to be.

Now, I will teach you HOW to do the same thing!! You have already taken the first step on this journey!

You are HERE, NOW, reading this! Realizing that THIS was meant to be! You are in the right place, at the right time!

This is a picture of me, in my truck, taking the plunge into a new adventure! I invite you to do the same thing for your life!

You know that you need a totally different way of living your life, how to learn from your mistakes, and create your new future.

That is why you are here, now, deciding what you need to do next! Your next step is obvious!! Take the Plunge!

Congratulations! You are ready to take that plunge, and choose to book a time when you will MEET ME!

Because I know how to take that Plunge, teach and guide you to do the same, and because you have chosen to invest in YOU!

That is why I choose to commit myself to your future! That is why I am here for you!

Click the “Book a free 60-minute video Call” button below, and schedule a time for us to have a meaningful, transformational conversation!

I promise to lead you through a mind altering experience on this call, that is an example of how I will teach you to heal yourself and learn the correct way to “ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE, and Ultimately ACHIEVE!!

The “Law of Attraction” has brought you here! The guidance is for me to provide, the work is for you to do!

Find Your New Balance by Setting a Worthy Goal for Yourself and Your future!

I invite you to “Take my Challenge” that leads to Rewarding Achievements for the rest of your life.

I am excited for you and your potential 



Now Is The Time!

Start recreating your future today!

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