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Meet Dean

I have been to HELL, won the battles, learned the lessons, come through to the Happiness I desire, and lived to teach you how to do the same thing!

There was a point in my life when I had the idea that everyone would be better off without me… I had been driven to the brink by trying to live the way my father taught me;

Work hard, be tough, don’t show emotion, be a hard-ass with everyone, never back down, do not ask – just do as you are told, never forgive, never complain, Hate is the most powerful emotion, Love is weakness, do what you’re told not what I do!

None of this was about me being allowed to be me! It was about me being who others thought I should be! There was zero peace in my heart as I tried to embrace things that were not me! I was living a lie!

I had always managed to rise to the top in everything I did, always through brute force, never in a state of happiness…

So, I attempted to kill myself! …more than once!


I would have been my usual brutally successful self too if the Universe had not stepped in to save me!


But, the Universe knew I have a powerful spirit, that I have the courage and strength to change, grow, and share that powerful experience with the world of other professional men and dads!

So, the Universe sent someone that I do not know to this day, to save me from myself!

I even resisted, and refused that help, so that person called 911.

Round 1 – I thought I had failed, so… The next time, I had a better plan…

I would go where I couldn’t be found. I just had to say goodbye to my 5 kids first…

Again, the Universe intervened, and one of my kids wasn’t available to be there, so AGAIN, I was saved from myself…

Round 2 – …and I thought I had failed AGAIN!

Everything happens for a reason, my friend! We learn the lesson or it returns for us to try again!

Our next lessons are placed squarely in front of us by an all-knowing, all-seeing, all providing Universe!

That moment was the start of a new journey for me, on a new path, to a new future! That past is GONE!

I realized that my life has a massive purpose that I was not seeing clearly at the time!

Now that I have seen the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of who I am, and what my purpose is, I am here to fulfill that purpose.

I am powerfully alive, Divinely Inspired, Here, forever in the NOW, and committed to helping you see YOUR own TRUTH!

To help you heal, change your current HELL into your personal path to Happiness, and sharpen your saw along the way!

The world is an extension of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. You have already practiced the way to create your Personal Reality. You have already manifested YOUR future! Your life is currently what you created it to be, you were just not aware of the formula you were using by default rather than intent.

NOW, you should be able to see this fundamental TRUTH of LIFE itself!

You have already been the creator of your current Personal Reality, and you are totally able to be the architect of your own future & Happiness if you so choose. You just didn’t know HOW! or WHY! Or for WHAT! Or even WHEN!!

These skills are learnable, I know, because I have been taught, I have learned, I have struggled, I have practiced, and I have chosen to become who I am meant to be.

Now, I will teach you HOW to do the same thing!! You have already taken the first step on this journey!

You are HERE, NOW, reading this! Realizing that THIS was meant to be! You are in the right place, at the right time!

Below is a picture of me, in my truck, taking the plunge into a new adventure! I invite you to do the same thing for your life!

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You know that you need a totally different way of living your life, how to learn from your mistakes, and create your new future. That is why you are here, now, deciding what you need to do next! Your next step is obvious!! Take the Plunge!

Congratulations! You are ready to take that plunge, and choose to book a time when you will MEET ME!

Because I know how to take that Plunge, teach and guide you to do the same, and because you have chosen to invest in YOU!


That is why I choose to commit myself to your future! That is why I am here for you!

Click the “Book a free 60-minute video Call” button below, and schedule a time for us to have a meaningful, transformational conversation!

I promise to lead you through a mind altering experience on this call, that is an example of how I will teach you to heal yourself and learn the correct way to “ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE, and Ultimately ACHIEVE!!

The “Law of Attraction” has brought you here! The guidance is for me to provide, the work is for you to do!

What Clients Are Saying…

As my Holistic Life and Business Coach his philosophies focus on mind, body & spirit in such a way that nothing is left out. He only teaches what is scientifically proven! Add to that his mastery of working with “The Law Of Attraction ” and he has changed my mindset, and every aspect of my life and business!
Thank you, Coach Dean, for guiding me to become my greatest possible self!

Connie Stewart

Coach Dean has excellent soft skills, and he can relate to one’s roadblock in a way I never experienced before. His path to bond and connect comes naturally, and it’s a rare skill that can’t be taught on such a deep level.
As a fellow Coach, I highly recommend him.

RPG Coaching

Coach Dean has excellent soft skills, and he

“Thank you Coach DEAN, If you are looking for a coach, you found him…

I love how professional and organize he is. If you are looking for a corporate team coach.
He is the guy to work with. You will see results sooner than you think.

Keep up the good work.

Rafal W.Owner

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